Cycling is a fantastic way to get fit and healthy while at the same time enjoying the company of friends.

CycleCityWest has developed cycling fitness programs for beginners, general fitness and competition. These programs are available free of charge to CycleCityWest members. To receive a cycling fitness program join here.

CycleCityWest also provides personalised cycle training program, more information about personal programs can be found here.

Indoor Cycle Training

CycleCityWest has established a partnership with the Art of Cycling who conduct indoor cycle training at their Yarraville studio.

The Art of Cycling provide cycling fitness and cycle strength sessions for people of all fitness and cycling skill levels.

CycleCityWest and The Art of Cycling have developed a variety of training sessions for the home trainer. These sessions are available free of charge to CycleCityWest members. To receive a copy of indoor training sessions join here.

More information about Art of Cycling can be found here.

Group Rides

There are a number of bunch rides in Melbourne’s West who welcome new riders to join in. These rides are a great opportunity to make new friends while improving fitness. They also provide the opportunity to learn cycling techniques and skills from experienced riders. More information about bunch rides in the West can be found here.


It is important to balance time on the bike with two or three exercises sessions a week. CycleCityWest has established a partnership with Listen to Your Body who have a number of friendly exercise studios located in Melbourne’s West.

Ben Fletcher from ‘Listen to Your Body’ has recommends the following exercises to help cyclists of all abilities improve strength and fitness:

  • Listen to Your Body exercises

More information about Listen to Your Body can be found here.

Bike Preparation/Service

Don’t spoil your ride by being stranded with an unreliable bike while out on the road.

If you need help maintaining your bike establish a relationship with your local bike service provider. Regular servicing will increase the life and reliability of your bike by preventing ware and tear.

More information about where to find a bicycle service providers in Melbourne’s West can be found here.